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-Tina F.-

"My son Michael Joined the scholarship program last year and in the course of two years he has made enough is scholarship money to pay for his first two years of college. He wants to attend Indiana University. I am so unbelievably proud of him and can't thank F.O.M enough for the opportunity given to him".

-Ashley M.-

"I bought my coupon card earlier this summer and I have already saved hundreds of dollars! Papa Johns, and Dominoes buy one get one free are amazing. I pretty much save $20 every time I use the card! Thanks F.O.M".

-Madison H.-

"My coupon card is amazing. I called the company and they gave me a discount on purchasing multiple cards. I gave them out as Christmas gifts now for 3 years in a row. My whole family loves them and almost expects me to get them for them now every year for Christmas".

-Lupe G.-

"My daughter started working for F.O.M over a year ago and makes more money than I do, she uses it to pay for her college, her books, and her gas! F.O.M made it possible for her to go to college. Thank you!"

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